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Ira Apfel interviews corporate treasury and finance executives about their latest challenges and insights. Topics include blockchain, fintech, cybersecurity, payments, risk, FP&A, career development, and more.
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Jul 26, 2018

How can retailers better manage bank accounts, cash registers, millions of dollars, and more? Tyler Wolf, has some advice. Wolf is a product manager at Balance Innovations, where he’s an expert on retail payments. He spoke to AFP Conversations about payment reconciliation, reporting, deposit tracking, training and more.

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Jul 19, 2018

Bryan Lapidus, director of the FP&A practice with the Association for Financial Professionals, previously worked in financial planning and analysis for American Express and Fannie Mae. He also leads the FP&A Council, a group of finance professionals, and he writes frequently about forecasting, Excel and more. Lapidus joined AFP Conversations to discuss where FP&A is at and where’s it’s headed.

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Jul 12, 2018

Blockchain has the potential to make regulatory compliance for such laws as FBAR and KYC faster and easier to document. Adrian Clarke, founder of Evident Proof, discusses his company's new blockchain-based technology aimed squarely at treasury and finance compliance. Clarke is a former Innovation Director with Microsoft.

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Jul 5, 2018

The London Interbank Offered Rate -- aka LIBOR -- is the most widely-used benchmark for short-term interest rates in the world. So if LIBOR is so popular, then why is it going away? And what's replacing it? Ming Min Lee, a principal with Oliver Wyman, has the answers. 

After you listen, check out AFP's LIBOR transition plan for a rundown of the issue, plus key actions you can take now.

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Jun 28, 2018

Upgrading a treasury management system usually is so complicated that not only can the TMS switch fail, but treasurers can lose their jobs as a result. Jon Burkhead, Senior Director, Global Treasury at OpenText, explains how his company successfully upgraded its TMS -- and, in a clever twist, used one of the company’s products to secure a successful transition.

Learn more about OpenText:

Jun 21, 2018

For nearly three decades Ron Insana has been a highly respected business journalist and author. In this episode of AFP Conversations the CNBC and MSNBC contributor offers his thoughts on blockchain (bullish), bitcoin (bearish) and how he got his start in television: "Beats the hell out of me," he says. Insana will speak at AFP 2018 in Chicago this November. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18 at checkout:


Jun 14, 2018

In this episode of AFP Conversations master storyteller Doug Stevenson talks about how he got his start in storytelling, his time sharing a movie scene with Chuck Norris, and how treasury and finance professionals can use storytelling at work.

Stevenson is the founder of Story Theater International and creator of The Story Theater Method. He’s taught storytelling to clients at Google, Microsoft, The Department of Defense and more. He'll be a featured speaker at AFP 2018 in November. Learn more at

Jun 7, 2018

Futurist, self-described global nomad, and the author of The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas, Mike Walsh helps companies design their business for the 21st century. Walsh spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about the business organization of the 21st century and what treasury and finance professionals can do to adapt. 

Walsh will be a featured speaker at AFP 2018, this November in Chicago. Learn more at

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May 31, 2018

What’s the payment landscape like outside America? Just travel to Canada and you'll see some really interesting developments -- and here to explain it all is Ryan Stewart, North American Chief Commercial Officer for Bambora, a Swedish payments company founded in 2015. In less than 3 years Bambora has grown to more than 600 employees in 7 countries, processing more than 45 billion in Euros annually. Meanwhile, Bambora was acquired by French payments giant Ingenico in July 2017.  

May 24, 2018

In this episode of AFP Conversations Tom Klein asks, "Where are all the quick wins for blockchain?"

Treasury and finance professionals increasingly are asking this question as well.

Klein argues that companies are not asking a simple question: What benefit can blockchain bring in the next 3-6 months? Klein is the founder of Business Block, which helps companies implement blockchain.


May 17, 2018

Stephanie Uhl is assistant treasurer of Forest City Realty Trust, a NYSE-listed company with nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. But Uhl didn't start there 13 years ago as a treasury associate. Actually, she was hired as a part-time receptionist.

"This was just an entry-level position to get me through college," she says. "And then it leads to a wildly different career. It's pretty amazing, don't you think?"

Uhl discusses her improbable career path and has some advice -- especially for women.

May 10, 2018

When you think about who conducts cutting-edge treasury and finance, global Fortune 500 businesses probably come to mind. To that group, you should add World Vision International.

World Vision is a humanitarian, relief and advocacy organization with more than $1 billion in annual revenue operating in approximately 70 developing nations across the globe. And yes, World Vision International is definitely on the cutting edge of treasury and finance -- so much so that last year World Vision became the first nonprofit to win the AFP Pinnacle Grand Prize for Excellence in Treasury and Finance. 

Leon Tompkins and Jamie Wiersma of World Vision explained their award-winning program and what all treasury and finance teams can learn from them.

May 3, 2018

Today's guest, Geetanjali Tandon, has a lot to say -- about FP&A, IT, women in finance, cooking ... even Lego. She's a well-known presence on finance social media, constantly blogging, tweeting and authoring articles. 

Geetanjali, who is Global IT Finance Lead for Monsanto, talked to AFP Conversations about her current role and the challenges she faces, why she's so active on social media, her interest in promoting women in finance, and her position as a Lego coach. That’s right, Lego coach.


Apr 26, 2018

A new study from the Association for Financial Professionals found that more than half of treasury and finance professionals believe robotic process automation will have a moderate or significant impact on their work. Yet only 14 percent said they are confident their organizations are ready for risks that come with RPA. You can download the full report at

Today's guest, Sarah Schaus, is ready for RPA. In fact, her treasury team has embraced it, successfully implementing robotic process automation. Schaus is assistant treasurer at Allianz Life.

Apr 19, 2018

Everybody is concerned about payments fraud: Consumers. Law enforcement. And treasury and finance professionals. Yet, a new survey by the Association for Financial Professionals and underwritten by JP Morgan found that payments fraud is at its highest recorded level on record.

Why is payments fraud reaching new heights every year despite universal concern and millions of dollars spent on law enforcement, training and tech solutions?


Apr 12, 2018

Ripple is arguably the leading blockchain-based payments platform today. And it is growing: It has a new partnership to enter the payments market in China, and it is collaborating with multiple financial services companies, including American Express.

Marcus Treacher, Ripple’s SVP of Customer Success, spoke to AFP Conversations about why Ripple has taken the lead in an extremely competitive market, and he discusses the company’s plans for the future. Treacher has over 30 years' experience in banking and payment.

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Apr 5, 2018

When John Drzik was last on the podcast talking about global risk, the world was a very different place. There was a great deal of political uncertainty in the United States and concerns over the global economy.

Drzik is back to discuss the state of global risk in 2018 and the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2018, for which his organization is a strategic partner. Drzik is president of Marsh Global Risk and Digital and chairman of Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Global Risk Center.

Treasurers, CFOs and other senior finance and risk executives are gathering in May to discuss global risk and more at BreakThrough Treasury and Finance. Learn more.

Mar 29, 2018

What was happening in July 2016? Brexit. ISIS. And Pokemon Go, for that matter. Here's what else occurred in July 2016: AFP Conversations published its first episode -- and today we taped our 100th episode! 

To celebrate, the first guest from Episode No. 1 returns: Anthony Scaglione, executive vice president and chief financial officer of ABM Industries, a publicly-traded, Fortune 500 company. We’ll get his perspective on what’s changed since then.

(Spoiler alert: Plenty!) 

Mar 22, 2018

There’s no question that fintech will disrupt treasury and finance, right? According to Eric Rosenbach, there are three significant challenges that need to be overcome before mass adoption does occur. A former Pentagon Chief of Staff and Assistant Secretary of Defense, for six years Rosenbach led the Department of Defense on cyber issues, including during high-profile attacks on the United States by Iran and North Korea. He’s also a former Army intelligence officer and commander of a telecommunications intelligence unit, serving in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Rosenbach will be the keynote speaker at Breakthrough Treasury and Finance this May in Nashville. Learn more at

Mar 15, 2018

Philip Peck is passionate about two things: FP&A and finance transformation. Peck, a vice president with the Peloton Group, tells AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel why finance transformation is so important to organizations today, and he discusses the latest trends in FP&A, enterprise performance management, and business intelligence.

Peck will lead a session on FP&A and finance transformation at, March 18-20 in San Francisco.

Mar 8, 2018

Darrell West has been researching technological disruption since he founded the Center for Technology Innovation at The Brookings Institution in 2010. West is concerned that our current governing processes are too deliberate and incremental to keep pace with today's rapid technological change. West spoke to AFP Conversations about his book, Megachange, and the implications of his research on corporate treasury and finance.

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Mar 1, 2018

Chris Ortega does financial planning and analysis for Emarsys North America, but he's increasingly interested in artificial intelligence. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Ortega discusses the future of FP&A and AI, why FP&A may be late adopters of this new technology, and the lessons he's learned on his journey from accounting to finance and employee to leader.

Ortega will lead a session about AI and FP&A at, March 18-20 in San Francisco.

Feb 22, 2018

In her new book, Magnificent Leadership, executive coach Sarah Levitt interviewed business leaders for their insights and lessons learned. Levitt will keynote BreakThrough Treasury and Finance for corporate treasury and finance executives this May where she’ll talk about building high-performing teams. "A high-performing team is really now a baseline for what organizations and leaders need," she told AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel.

You can learn more about BreakThrough Treasury and Finance here.


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Feb 15, 2018

Dan Conner served in the Green Berets doing explosives and demolitions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today he runs a fintech startup, DisLedger, a distributed ledger technology firm with a patent pending.

DisLedger's target markets are high volume transactions like FX and capital markets clearing. Conner discusses his goals for the company, his aspirations for DLT, and how he went from serving in the U.S. Army Special Forces to founding a fintech firm. 

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Feb 8, 2018

Joining AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel in studio is executive coach and author Corrie Shanahan. Corrie works with clients to help them improve performance and productivity. She’s worked with the World Bank, IMF, Mars Inc., Discovery Communications, and more. A native of Ireland, she is the author of "Do It, Mean It, Be It."

Shanahan explains how treasury and finance executives can improve their performance at work, as well as their personal lives, to create a more meaningful existence.

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